how to enrol and FAQs

To enrol to Cartoon Network Animation Academy, you need to submit the course application form together with a copy of your passport and visa, your English language proficiency test (if applicable), copy of educational certificates or equivalent professional references and a portfolio or demo reel showcasing your work. 

Submissions will be submitted in person to our animation team at:

twofour54 tadreeb
Eastern Ring Road,
behind Ministry of Labor office, opposite Khalifa Park.
Location Map

The portfolio can include a minimum of 5 art pieces such as drawings, designs, sketches, storyboards, scripts or video footage. The submitted projects should demonstrate your artistic skills and creative diversity. 

The application will be assessed by Cartoon Network Animation Academy team at twofour54 tadreeb. If all submitted documents are complete and you comply with the entry requirements, shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview with Academy Animation staff. The interview will give you a chance to explain your motivations to apply for the program and to elaborate on your portfolio.


1. What is the Cartoon Network Animation course?
The course is a 16-month, full-time, training course delivered by twofour54 tadreeb, in partnership with Cartoon Network.
The core skills of the programme are drawing, character development and screenwriting.

2. What are the entry requirements?
a) English language proficiency:
If the applicant is not a native English speaker and the secondary education was not delivered in English, then it is required to take an English language proficiency test. 
The applicant must provide an IELTS test with a minimum score of 5.5 or TOEFL 523 (paper based), 193 (computer-based).
b) Applicants need to be min. 18 years old.
c) Preferably a post secondary qualification in a media or a design discipline or equivalent professional experience.
d) Applicants should be highly creative and have drawing / illustration skills 

3. How long is the program?
The course is a 16-month program divided into four trimesters, three of which are 12 weeks long, and the last is 14 weeks long and dedicated to the Final Project. Additionally there will be 3 weeks of Cartoon Network master classes spread throughout the year.  The next intake will be on the 29th of September 2013.

4. Will I get a job after graduating from the program? Does tadreeb assist with employment?
Cartoon Network guarantees internship placements for a minimum of two graduates per year.  

twofour54 partners with a large network of media and production companies. Graduates can benefit from this network during their job search. Additionally, graduates can join the twofour54 tadreeb Alumni Association and benefit from the contacts provided through the network.

5. Is the course accredited?

No, the course is a Cartoon Network endorsed post-graduate training course and is not a formal academic accredited award course.

6. Do I need previous experience in Animation?
Besides a passion for the subject, no previous experience in Animation is required.

7. What skills do I need to succeed in the Animation course?
Good drawing and illustration skills, high level of creativity, passion for Animation, critical thinking and analytical skills.

8. How many people are in the class?
There will be a maximum of 12 students in the class. Class sizes will be kept small to ensure teaching is more personalized.

9. Are there any vacations?
There are trimester breaks between each trimester. 

10. Can I work besides the study?
The course is a full time study with 40 notional hours per week. Part time work is possible, however not recommended by the faculty. 

11. What software do you teach in the program?
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash

12. What are the career perspectives?
2D Animator, Character Designer, Screenwriter, Production Manager, etc

13. How is the program delivered?
There will be practical sessions in the computer lab, theoretical lectures and tutorials as well as independent project work and self study. Additionally, Cartoon Network will host regular master classes for the students. 

14. Do I get access to the facility outside of the class times?
twofour54 tadreeb’s official office hours are from Sunday to Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm. You will receive an access card to enter the facilities within those hours. 
twofour54 tadreeb might grant its students access to Studios and classrooms outside office hours on a case by case basis and / or if the necessity arises.

15. Is there a library / student study area?

16. What is the language of instruction?
The course is delivered in English.

17. Are there other expenses I need to consider?
It is important to realize that should you not be a UAE National you will require a relevant trainee visa to study the course.  As well as this, you will also need to hold a minimum level of medical insurance during your time of study.  The expenses for both of these items are the student's responsibility and can be found in the "visa application form" on this site.