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Creative Management in the Film and TV Business

Creative Management in the Film and TV Business

Categories television, screen business

Duration 2 hours

Time 6 - 8 pm

Where twofour54 Abu Dhabi, Opposite Khalifa Park, Building 1 (Lime Green building), Mezzanine floor

Instructors -

This workshop is designed to examine the role of the entertainment value chain (film and TV) and where creative people (writers, directors, creative producers, etc.) and managers operate within the film business – both from a generic and practical perspective. Topics covered include the entertainment value chain, film and TV development from a management perspective, the creative process of packaging a project, and leading and managing creative tasks from marketing to talent.

This is a practical, analytical course that aims at developing emerging producers and executives, and supporting their ability to capture value from the creative process and maximizing talent harnessing.  

who it's for:

This workshop is aimed at mid-level (5 years experience and above) and junior (2 years and above) executives and freelance producers working in feature film, free-to-air, cable/subscription and digital production and finance sectors. Independent producers (and creatives) in the film sector who are running companies, developing projects and exploiting rights would benefit from attending.

The two hour session will take the following shape:

1. Intended learning outcomes
2. Content covered
3. Case study examples
4. Workshop and training approach

Further description and learning outcomes:

  • The entertainment value chain
  • Managing the development process for film and TV projects
  • Handling talent effectively and dealing with the player value chain
  • Project management
  • Keeping your intangible assets onside: brands and franchises and retaining talent commitment
  • Understanding creative process re tools for marketing
  • Working out the appropriate approach to content and its intended market

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